The Kelly McGinnis Memorial Foundation is delighted to announce our award recipients for 2017:
  • Garfield High School - Culinary Arts program - Donation towards competition preparation - $500.00
  • Mission Hills High School - Careers in Education - $400.00

  • Awards throughout the years:

    Garfield High School - Culinary Arts Program
    The school used this donation to help prepare for the 'Teen Iron Chef' competition, held late January at Mission Valley's Art Institute of California - San Diego. The result was a well earned win for the students, taking home the top prize.

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    Mission Hills High School - Careers in Education

    I want to thank you for the generous gift you gave to our program, Careers in Education, at Mission Hills High School.

    Careers in Education is a new course at Mission Hills High School. During second semester, students will be going to the local elementary school to do their internship. It was important for these students to be identifiable. The shirt design would identify them as future teachers (colors of the shirt and design will be based on Mission Hills High School colors and the local elementary school colors).

    The shirts we were able to purchase allows our students to feel that becoming future teachers is important. It also helps identify the students at the school and gives them a sense of purpose and pride. My hope is that our students continue on this path of becoming teachers and that they can see the importance of what teachers do.

    Thank you again for making this happen.


    ~ Apolo Rios

    AP Coordinator - Careers in Education - CTE
    Mission Hills High School

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